Dragonsblood Jasper Unicorn 57.5 grams

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Dragonsblood Jasper Unicorn 57.5 grams

Measures approximately 55mm x 50mm

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Dragonsblood Jasper

This is a beautiful example of reds and greens in one stone. It is a bringer of joy and happiness. The achievement crystal? It brings wealth, love and family close. It works through the heart chakra. It grounds static stress energy that accumulates during stressful times. It allows gentle strength to overrule anger and fire in the belly. It gives the holder of this crystal assistance in healing trauma and abuse which is under the surface or long buried. It aids in letting go of stored resentment, hate and revenge. The heart chakra sends out the pain and receives back healing, allowing forgiveness and compassion.


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