Carnelian Crystal Runes


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Carnelian Crystal Runes

The size of the crystal runes is fairly consistent. They are mostly between 20-25mm at their widest points. The weight does vary between different crystals, but on average are about 9 grams per stone.

Set consists of 25 crystal runes, a beautifully made satin-lined velvet bag. The runic symbols are engraved into the crystal and there is one left blank. The engraving is then inlaid with gold paint.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Carnelian

Provides perception and awakens our talents by channelled inspiration. It is an excellent stone for daydreamers because it sharpens the concentration and helps reduce absentmindedness. It dispels apathy and mental lethargy. As a healing tool, Carnelian works on all the chakras below the heart and is useful in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and neuralgia. It attacks the depression that is brought on by the reality of advancing years and is useful in the treatment of infertility and impotence. It gives us understanding of our cycles and rhythms and helps us to accept our individuality. As a mystical stone, it is said that placing a piece of Carnelian above each opening of the home, will protect you from psychic attack and return negativity back to where it first originated. For dealing with arthritis, try this simple remedy whilst relaxing. Take a smooth piece of Carnelian and stroke it over the body, in contact with the skin and towards the heart. When it becomes warm, wash it in cold water. The heart centre pushes any build up of negative energy around the body through the other centres, dissipating it as it goes. The only contradiction to this, is for those also suffering from a heart condition. In this instance, it is best to stroke out away from the body as if combing the aura.


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