Black Seraphinite and Pearl Pendant 7.8 grams


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Black Seraphinite and Pearl Pendant 7.8 grams

Hand set in sterling silver

Measures approximately 50mm x 22mm, including bale.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Seraphinite

Seraphinite comes from only one location in the world, the Lake Baikal region of Siberia. The beautiful marking on Seraphinite markings look like angels’ wings flying and the name is of no coincidence. This stone has heavenly characteristics for when holding and meditating with it, one finds a sense of peace and calm descend over them. It aids communication with the angelic realms helping understanding and esoteric knowledge to assimilate. This stone has a strong divine feminine energy. It is wise and knowing as well as nurturing and encouraging. Lie down on a comfortable bed and place a piece of Seraphinite above the heart chakra. Calm your breathing; allow your mind to drift, discarding any irritating distractions that pop in. Take a little time for your natural breathing to sync in with the Seraphinite, noticing the slowness of the rhythm being established. Soon you will find yourself lucid dreaming. This is the desired state of semi-consciousness to achieve. In this state you will be able, with practice, to drift off to the angelic realms. You will always be escorted all the time you are using Seraphinite, staying just conscious enough to know you are drifting away whilst still in the physical world.

Seraphinite contains the pulse that connects you to ones higher energies and the relationship with the Archangels. Archangels are realistic, they have heard and seen it all. However, they are also the ones to go to with the big stuff. No one promises you an easy ride. You choose your path, your lessons and believe it or not, you also have all the answers. The problem is, we forget who we are and how to change or correct things when chaos ensues or things go crazy.

It doesn’t matter what you are dealing with – a broken heart, loneliness, abuse, lack of confidence, no willpower, self harming – or what disabilities you have, Seraphinite brings you peace and acceptance.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Pearls

Unlike other crystals and minerals that are formed in the earth a beautiful natural pearl is formed in an oyster mollusk. These mollusks are dived for in the turquoise salt waters of places like the Caribbean, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti. Fresh water pearls are found in muscles and usually farmed mostly in China.  There is a lot of superstition around pearls and the value is usually high. Some even refer to them as the tears of  angels.

Pearls are organic. The most prized are the perfect ones in size and colour fetching a fortune and worn by Royalty and celebrities.  However most pearls due to the way they develop building up in layers of concentric circles around perhaps a grain of sand, have very natural and expected irregularities.

From the healing perspective it is these very irregularities that are required for them to be great healing tools.

The healing qualities of pearls are that they are great in calming and balancing the emotions. They cool temper and smooth the nerves. They are great teachers of self awareness and placing boundaries. They teach us that we are all perfect in our own way. And, they teach us that we get better, more beautiful and stronger with age.

After all there is more value to a large white pearl that has grown smooth and shiny with time and tide.


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