Terraluminite is a granitic mixture of pink Feldspar, white Quartz and Black Biotite. It is found in the Northeastern United Slates. Its name means ‘the Light of the Earth.’

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Terraluminite’s currents flow easily into the body, stimulating and harmonizing the heart and third eye chakras. It fills the third eye and crown chakras with deep pulsations that are pleasurable as well as opening. These stones can bring strong beneficial energies to any chakra, and they can be beneficial aids to Light Body awakening.

Terraluminite’s energies combine like a synthesis of Azeztulite and Rosophia. In meditation, one may experience ‘masculine’ currents of Divine Light moving in from above, while the ‘feminine’ currents of the Earth’s love well up from below. These two streams meet end join in the heart, bringing about a subtle but ecstatic love-union of the Heavenly Light and Earthly Love.

Terraluminite offers itself as a healing balm for balancing and integrating all the organs, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the chakras and the meridian system. It stimulates the coherence of the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, enhancing the intercommunication of all layers of the self, It can help in uniting one’s inner polarities, bringing a new level of harmony, leading to the birth of the Alchemical Divine Child.

Terraluminite currents can facilitate deep healing of the emotional body. It soothes the ‘pain body’ which carries memories of past wounds and fears. It encourages letting go of inner tension and it reminds us that we are all swimming in an ocean of divine love. Terraluminite is a wonderful stone for the heart and the heart chakra. It strengthens heart awareness and it charges the connection via which the mind becomes aware of the ‘thought of the heart’.

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