Stromatolite is a three million year old fossil, sometimes called Crocodile Jasper, due to the crocodile markings created by blue/green algae or cyanobacteria.

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Stability, time and tide cycles to do with personal biorhythms. Stromatalite helps the lungs of the human and plant kingdoms and stops one drifting too far away from their roots. It can become a shamanic teacher if you allow it in and can listen to it. Try placing a smooth piece along the spine from the lower to the hollow of the back of the neck. During the day a piece can be taped with ‘micropor’ tape to the base of the spine. It soon warms up and stops feeling strange! This will pull negative energy down the spine away from the neurotransmitters of the brain.  It is believed to ground and dissipate negative patterns that have lodged there.  New theories are that negative experiences that have happened in this life time or past lives have placed markers within the aura.

We placed these markers ourselves through fear or controlling behaviour etc. They then stay there until we deal with these issues. The neurotransmitters of our brain pick up on these markers in the aura like reminders of things that must be dealt with. These markers can cause health issues, as it is the body’s way of bringing them to our attention. This may bring up and make one deal with issues that make oneself uncomfortable. However, once dealt with, enormous steps will have been made on one’s path and in one’s health. When working with Stromatalite remember to cleanse it after use.