Sodalite eliminates confusion, enabling us to find our ‘truth’ in all situations and weight it against the truth of others. It acts on the brow and throat chakras with a slow, pulsing energy that calms and clarifies. It also helps us to recognise and deal with rigid thought patterns that lurk within our nature. Sodalite helps with phobias and calms panic attacks.

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Essentially, it has a reassuring and calming effect on our instincts. It is a good stone for the over-sensitive and defensive personality types. It is also a great help in group work. It provides a platform of trust, fellowship and solidarity that unites the aims and goals of the whole group. It allows the universal laws to filter into our mind and body in a stimulating yet understandable way -without the hard work!

Sodalite is known to work on the pineal gland and has a direct effect on the metabolism. It also is believed to strengthen the blood and lymphatic system. This mineral, used in conjunction with aromatherapy, has had encouraging results on the lymphatic system. Sodalite is used to prevent insomnia and treat disorders associated with calcium deficiencies. Those drawn to Sodalite are looking for answers and solutions to issues affecting the quality of their lives. Try meditating with this mineral and give it time to help.