Sodalite - Sunset

How beautiful is Sunset Sodalite! A fairly new find that eloquently brings together Sodalite and Orange Feldspar (to you and me, that’s Sunstone!)

This mixed mineral can be used for courage and strength when needed. It has a lot of ‘Leo’ type energy so would be good for all water signs, bringing much needed stability and focus.

Sunset Sodalite

When held in the hand whilst resting, it can have a pulling energy, as if pulling something our of the physical body. Not enough is known about this mineral yet but it is very striking and we are sure we will be finding out alot more about this mineral soon.

What is written about the mineral so far is that it can help to place Sunset Sodalite on the sacral or solar plexus to open and balance the energies. When these energy centres are in balance, one can articulate more concisely and follow thought patterns intelligently. This is why it is thought to be good for the mind. 

Held in the hands with pyrite, together these minerals will ground negativity and help anxiety and stress. 

It might be a good one to try for Autism or for use with children that are on the spectrum. Only perhaps use for a short time to start with as might overstimulate.