Quartz - Smoky

This is also known as the ‘Dark Crystal’. Smoky Quartz is widely believed to promote calm and inner understanding. It releases old negativities, helping us to let go of resentment, anger, fear and guilt. It helps with exploration of the inner self by penetrating the darkness with light and love. It is an excellent meditation stone, being mildly sedative, and can enhance dreams and channelling abilities. Smoky Quartz can transmute or transform any amount of negative energy. This is a calming masculine energy that is excellent for migraines and headaches and an exceptional friend when you feel you need a good cry!

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The Smoky Quartz Healing Experience! Lie down and close your eyes – check your breathing pattern and relax. Place a piece of Smoky Quartz on your forehead. Allow your consciousness to be consumed by this cool crystal. As you travel deep into the crystal try not to think or hold onto any individual thoughts. Slowly a new sense of awareness will become apparent. A highly secretive, occult and definitely mystical sense. It is one of travelling inter-dimensionally and exploring other realms. There can be the recapturing the memories of past lives, travelling through time and space, and the delving into the memory of the crystal itself.

This is a learning of the knowledge and wisdom that has been locked there, deep within its matrix. Find your way around the inner crystal chambers until you feel quite sure of your whereabouts. Look for the chamber with a golden hue about it. Feel yourself being pulled into this chamber. It is the chamber that heals all ills, physical, emotional or spiritual. Here you can make your request for healing – but take care to ask only of your needs. You will be given only the karmic healing that you need – and, most importantly, that you have worked to deserve. Let go and allow the Smoky Quartz to teach you.