Star Sapphire - Large


Sapphire is also known as the ‘wisdom’ stone. It assists healing in all parts of the body. It especially stimulates the throat chakra and helps higher-self communication.

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It is widely believed that Blue Sapphire activates our primordial memory of ancient knowledge from the records related to the development of all civilisation, as well as the intuitive, psychic and astral selves. Blue Sapphire is said to have been implanted upon the Earth by kind and generous ancient ‘Earth keepers’ in order to assist our understanding and compassion by the energy transfers necessary for Earth healing. It aligns the chakras and releases energy blockages which restrain us from our spiritual path. It can transmute negative energies and is widely used in shamanic ceremonies for this purpose. When using it in configuration healings, hold the Sapphire over the patient, who should be lying down on the floor or couch.

Make a full circle over the chakras. Start at the sacral chakra and circle upwards to the throat chakra and back down to the sacral. Do this a number of times whilst channelling peacefully. This will bring up physical creation and transmute it into artistic creativity. It can be a powerful healing for those struggling to express themselves in a materialistic world where huge competition can play havoc on anyone who is remotely sensitive.