Howlite - Red

(Red Howlite) White Howlite has a soothing pulse and is excellent in the use of insomnia. It slows the activity of the mind and allows undisturbed rest. It is used in the teachings of patience and aids memory expansion. Howlite can eliminate rage and calm violent, uncontrolled anger.

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Keep it in your pocket or on your person to absorb negative energies. It will prove a great help in controlling your own anger and will soften anger directed at you. To use Howlite hold a piece in the palm of your hand. Close your eyes and relax; check your breathing and feel the pulse in your hand. At first your pulse seems quite fast but gradually it seems to slow. When the pulse seems very slow and peaceful, put the Howlite down and check your pulse by feeling the vein in your wrist. You may be surprised to find how fast your pulse suddenly appears. Hold the Howlite again and notice how quickly the pulse seems to slow as if the Howlite is slowing down your own pulse to a very relaxing natural state.

Red Howlite is colour-enhanced white Howlite. It has the same qualities as white Howlite and goes a little further by bringing positivity with it. Red Howlite seems to pack a punch, a soft punch, but a big push never the less. It opens the mind to change and instead of just accepting a situation, it triggers the idea of change.