Quartz - Lemurian Seed

Akashic Records – Sacred Knowledge – Soul Journeying


You can identify a Lemurian Seed Crystal by the striated lines that run horizontally across the crystal shaft. These lines are vibrational ridges that unlock access to the Akashic Records. The Akashic records are stored in the etheric realms where an impression or record is kept of every thought, deed or spoken word since the beginning of humanity. Each impression is linked not only to the life that first created it but is cross-referenced to their soul journey and the vibrational frequency of that soul. In the Akashic Records, each life leaves a trace.

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Humanity has risen and fallen many times through its evolution, and it is believed that during the time of Lemuria, information was stored in certain crystals. The Lemurians were an advanced race descended from Angels who, due to their high vibration, had access to the fifth dimension.

To use your Lemurian Seed Crystal, run your thumb up and down the striations whilst asking the questions to the answers you seek.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are a silicon dioxide mineral from South America. They are an anomaly or misfit in the crystal world as unlike most quartz crystal points, they have characteristic etched growth lines along the surface.