Quantum Quattro

(Quantum Quattro) Consisting of four powerful minerals: Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Malachite and Dioptase in quartz with copper, found mainly in Nambia. This magical stone is becoming a firm favourite for first time healers. It is no wonder due to its success in many areas of healing and energy work.

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Over the last two or three years Quantum Quattro Quartz has been getting quite a name for itself as a conductor of a much higher vibrational frequency then first realised. Healers mediums and psychics are reporting a fast connection to the angelic realms with this crystal. The clarity of the channel attuned to the vibration of this crystal form a link that the angels can recognise. Once the connection is made communication can proceed. The energy of the crystal needs to be constantly squeezed to maintain a link between the channel and the angelic realms.

Used in meditations and dream work, spend time attuning to your piece of Quantum Quattro Quartz. The results will be well worth it. Angel communication is about your personal path and development. Connecting to your angels brings peace of mind. They are your sounding board, your guides when you need them. Your strength when you faulter and your allies. They work for your highest good and help keep you on your soul path.

Any combination of minerals work all the better for having copper with it.  Copper, being a conductor of energy, naturally allows flow and movement. Read any of the mineral write-ups for this stone combination and you will see why together these make a formidable team. As well as connecting with the Angelic realms, between them they will break through old patterns that hold you and clear quickly energetic attachments to people and places that might go way back in your past.

This crystal can also help calm the nerves of public speakers, promotes confidence and gives one a gentle ‘push’ in the right direction.

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