Prasiolite is green Amethyst. It is a heat treated crystal and many say that Mother Earth just needed a little helping hand finishing what she started. Breathtakingly translucent Green Amethyst is rare. Very rare in fact because it takes a exceptional circumstances for it to occur. We all know that when heat is applied to Amethyst it changes colour. We are used to seeing it changed to yellow, burnt orange and brown naturally. But! For it to change to green naturally it has to contain some (Fe2+ iron compounds).

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We sometimes get tumbled green Amethyst that is opaque or a banded green with white! Occasionally we have had some tiny green Amethyst crystals on a host quartz. Recently we took stock of a new find in China of purple and green Amethyst growing in a fluorite mine. Those pieces were of exceptional vibration.

However, the majority of Prasiolite, has been produced by giving Mother Nature a helping hand. Exceptional pieces of usually Brazilian Amethyst are selected that are exactly the right purple hue for very careful heat-treatment before exquisite hand cutting of the gemstone is undertaken. Experience is required to bring out the true character, brilliance and colour of the gem.

Prasiolite has unique properties. The green translucent hue is believed by healers and shaman to help clear and transmute blocked or negative energy that the healer or shaman has picked up during their work. Healers are natural empathy. They naturally pick up other people’s pain and stress. Many can feel another’s hurts and wounds especially if the healer has experienced something similar themselves. Loss of a loved one, betrayal, guilt, ill health, emotional stress and lots more of these negative hurtful emotions can be picked up even without the healer actually talking to the person.

Even in close proximity or walking past someone a healer can pick up on another’s deep emotional pain. They hurl them around without control aiming them at anyone who can take away their frustration and anger. Unfortunately if your an empath you will absorb this negativity like a sponge. Prasiolite worn around the neck above or around the heart chakra will reflect this negativity away from you. It acts like a Shield or forcefield around your body and stops the absorption of another’s negativity. Wo betide if you are entering a hospital. Too much suffering and pain. Hospitals and places of care are not the easiest of surroundings for empathy to frequent. Yes, they make wonderful nurses and care staff but at a personal cost.

Prasiolite has a clear, sparkling, calming, uplifting energy. It works on re-balancing the chakras and then slowly, steadily calming the entire nervous system. Your nervous system is responsible for everything you think, feel or do so is very important to your wellbeing.

Prasiolite has the energy of spring and hope. Promising renewal and regeneration. Worn on the body it is useful to ward off psychic attack. Feelings of psychic attack can come from genuinely picking up that someone means to harm you negatively or more commonly

Healers say that it is gentler than Amethyst. It is shy and timid by nature and its energy is more subtle then many crystals. Associated with the higher heart chakra, its energy is attuned to unconditional love.

It has had some good results with hiatus hernia when worn below the throat chakra.
Green Amethyst is a very good crystal for healers to wear as it cleanses the aura constantly keeping the healers’ energies pure.

Prasiolite sparkles with the happiness vibe. It brings harmony, promise and fertility in all things. If you’re looking for a change of employment – try working with Prasiolite. If you’re looking for a new love interest – try Prasiolite. If you’re looking to find ‘You’- try Prasiolite. If you’re looking to become a better healer – try Prasiolite. It’s the colour of Mother Nature, of life and energy and a fantastic addition to any healer’s tool kit