Jasper - Polychromatic

Polychromatic Jasper is also known as Desert Jasper and carries the energy of the heat of the desert. It is very much a stone with the look of the Earth Mother. It has swirls and curves and earthy colours of tans, browns and blues. It is used for healing the planet.

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It is considered good for energy lines, ley lines, labyrinth and vortex workings. It brings strength and support during difficult times. Meditate with this wonderful Jasper and feel connected to all things. Explore the alignment of your chakras and balance your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. By sleeping with this Jasper and holding it close to the heart chakra, a sense of nurturing takes place. This stimulates the opening of the chakras and a freedom of movement around the astral planes.

Confidence grows, and with practice, one should be able to access the angelic realms seeking out the ‘Halls of Learning’. Once the way is found, it is easy to travel there and back safely as many times as you wish. Holding Polychromatic Jasper, the epitome of Mother Earth, gives one an anchor or root in the physical world, allowing one to feel safe experimenting with travelling the higher realms knowing one can find their way back to their physical body.

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