This beautiful mineral is mined in the Congo along with Malachite and Shattuckites. The striking colour of this copper based mineral is from palest blue, similar to the colour of ‘Sleeping Beauty Turquoise’ through to darkest green/blue.

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This mineral can feel quite heavy to hold and the weight of it helps with grounding negative energy from the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Those suffering with anxiety, mental stress and sudden overwhelming depression can benefit from holding a piece of this. Stroke the Plancheite over the temples and away from the eyes. Rinse often in cold water.

Plancheite is good at working on frustration, the effects of the feelings of being stifled and on the suppressed emotional baggage type energy we all constantly pick up and put down. Working with Plancheite releases this negative energy and brings freedom and light to otherwise dark areas of the characteristics of our personality.

This mineral brings one ‘true grit’ and determination and not just as a cognitive state, but rather as an effective state. A state that can affect change.