Petalite 6986


This beautiful crystal connects you to your angels and protects you from negativity, bringing calm and peace. Many crystal healers believe this crystal with its high vibration to be able to clear anxiety and stress from the crown chakra and third eye enabling a strong psychic connection to the angelic realms. Petalite is a lithium aluminium  tectosilicate, a mineral also known as castorite, used with lepidolite and quartz to relieve depression and mental illness.


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Petalite’s gentle healing energy brings inner calm and acceptance, relieving stress, confusion and guilt, transmuting these feelings to self recognition and worth.

Petalite can appear in many beautiful hues, usually in soft creams, whites, greys and pinks. It has a heavenly feel to it that immediately lifts the spirits and brings a smile to one’s face. Some say that by simply holding Petalite they see and feel angels around them They feel supported and loved. I have known women take Petalite with them into hospital whilst in labour to stroke and hold during labour. They said they felt birthing angels with them standing over their shoulders. Petalite relieves stress and stress-related build ups of negative energy. It can help Fibromyalgia simply by placing it on the body over the muscles and skin tissue that feel like they are seizing up. Keep them in place with a little surgical micropore tape. It is a very gentle healing crystal suitable for babies, children and pets.