Quartz - Ouro Verde

Ouro Verde Quartz is mined in Brazil from the Boca Rica mine. Ouro Verde meaning ‘Green Gold’ in Portuguese, is irradiated with Cobalt 60 (gamma) at a very low dose, which dissipates a soon as it goes in. It is then heat-treated. This treatment enhances what the Earth Mother started. It makes for a very unique, rare and collectable gemstone. Healers love this stone and the light it brings into people’s lives.

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This enhanced Quartz works on the solar plexus, opening the chakra ready for energy healing or meditation.

Ouro Verde Quartz is also used for creativity, optimism, energy and well- being.

Holding a piece to meditate with will bring focus and manifestation. It is a great crystal for energising water. It is simply enough to place a few pieces around the glass of drinking water.

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