Obsidian - Gold/Silver Sheen

This mineral is explosive for eliminating self doubt. Breaks down blockages and barriers by obliterating negative thoughts bulldozing through with strength of will and determination. Gold Sheen Obsidian brings confidence and courage, great for those starting a new project, job or business.

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This mineral is slightly harder to find then Black Obsidian but has the added benefit of being a seeker stone so well worth looking out for. Seeker stones have the energy of something brewing under the surface. Something yet to come to light or as yet to be found and brought to light. It has the strength of character that helps one to break bad habits, it protects the thought processing and acts as a link maker or breaker keeping ideas flowing.

Gold Sheen Obsidian is used in healing for cleansing one’s aura and protecting the physical body. Stroked through the auric field it untangles knots of pent up or dense energy that has become trapped. Working around the physical body gently and precisely allows more light into the emotional and spiritual body. The lighter the aura the healthier the physical body, mind and soul.