Jasper - Mookaite

Oh how much I love Mookaite Jasper! One’s mind can get lost in a really good piece. It draws you in and suddenly you are mesmerised and sleepy. Before you know it you can be away dreaming in some distant dimension. Mookaite comes from Mooka creek in Western Australia which, is fed by many fresh water springs.

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The Aboriginals from the area, have long told of the magical qualities of Mookaite. It comes in gold, reds, greens and pink-reds and in fact most natural earthy colours. It has a distinct ancestral feel about it. Mookaite takes you home! Wherever that may be. It provides a feeling of nurturing and acceptance. It is a good recuperation stone allowing one to recover at one’s own pace. Mookaite has a gentle and stabilising energy, calms the mind and allows forgiveness towards oneself and others.

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