Moldau Quartz™

Moldau Quartz

Moldau Quartz (aka Moldavite Quartz”) is the name given to Quartz stones found in the Moldavite strewn fields of the Czech Republic. it is opaque, and varies in color from white to gray, grown and rusty orange.

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Robert Simmons writes: “Moldau Quartz feel more intensely alive than almost any other type of Quartz, it emanates a synergistic blend of the properties associated with Moldavite and several varieties of earthly Quartz. In my initial connection with them, I felt very strong, regular pulsatiotss from each piece, regardless of whether it was white, gray, orangish or smoky. The currents are of a similar intensity to those of Moldavite but they feel less rapid and more grounded, These stones carry strong vibrations of life-force, and they will make good broadspectrum healing stones. They also carry the pattern of wholeness of the self, and working with them in meditation and dreaming can bring one to increased inner clarity, strengthening the inner observer, allowing one to free oneself from had habits of thought or behavior. They stimulate the heart chakra, allowing one to bring one’s insights into the loving presence of the heart, so that one’s actions will be guided by a generous, compassionate wisdom

“Moldau Quartz enhances intuitive capacities, Opening one’s awareness to receive messages from the realms of Spirit. They are stones of initiation, helping one recognize and follow the call of One’s destiny. If one opens and accepts the aid of these stones, they can lead one into the joy of genuine spiritual fulfillment, In these traits, it is easy to recognize Moldau Quartz’s resonance with Moldavite, the most important stone initiating the transformation of self into harmony with one’s path of spiritual evolution, Moldau Quartz can help awaken latent inner capacities such as clairvoyance and the ability to send healing from a distance. it is one of the best stones for awakening us to realize our highest potential”

© Robert Simmons, Heaven and Earth LLC

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