Malachite is a must for all healing pouches. The colour ranges from light to dark green and forms in masses, layers and rosettes. It is often used in the treatment of diabetes – by placing a piece  directly on the abdomen during a healing and then carrying some around the waist.

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Healers recommend it used in conjunction with Opal for this disease, In which the Opal be used on the sacral chakra from the back. It has been recognised also as a benefit to the sufferers of epilepsy, for the relief of travel sickness and vertigo. Often found with Azurite, this combination (Malachite-Azurite) can be beautiful to behold and helps to attune two major chakras at the same time – the throat and solar plexus. Malachite-Azurite together are both secondary copper minerals although Azurite can sometimes form in small crystals on top of or beside the Malachite. Both are excellent conductors of energy.

Malachite is used to protect from background radiation, which is believed to weaken the immune system and is blamed for a number of serious illnesses. Malachite actually enhances the immune system and is often used in jewellery exactly for this reason. Malachite also raises our sensitivity and awareness of ‘spirit guides’, helping us to cultivate our psychic abilities. It can remove past traumas, and negative emotional hurt, bringing harmony into your life.