Lodestone is one of the most important minerals used for beginners and
adepts alike. It helps jump start spiritual development and gives the person wishing to become a channel something tangible to work with. Hold your piece of lodestone in your hand and centre your chakras. Begin a controlled breathing exercise of inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth as deeply as you can. This brings in a large intake of oxygen to stimulate the brain.

Clear your mind and let the breathing build until you feel ‘full’ at this point jump into the world of spirit. Allow your mind to be free and explore where it takes you. This is done without the use of any drugs or stimulants which have been used throughout history in many cultures. Simply using a piece of Lodestone as your stimulant grasp any piece of information spirit is willing to share with you and bring it back. It may not make sense but document exactly what was given. This is how you gradually begin to decipher the messages you receive and there meaning. Everyone is different, and everyone will have a unique way or receiving and understanding these messages.

Remember that if you receive a message for someone, unless that message is given you may not receive another one. Spirit does not waste time giving messages to those who decide which messages to give and which to keep to themselves. You are asking spirit to use you as a clear channel and it is a big responsibility. Many messages will be hard to give, and many will need exact and careful wording.