Hiddenite in its gem quality state is somewhat a collectors item due to its rarity.

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Hiddenite is from the family of Kunsite and belongs to the spodumene group of minerals. Coloured by chromium oxide Hiddenite can appear almost clear when seen at one angle and light green to yellowish green from another. It deceives you in different lighting by playing games with you. You think you know it and then it surprises you.

This crystal is little used in healing as it is a bit of a new comer but believed to bring joy and happiness. To give one confidence to dance and express their inner child.

Valued by shamanic healers usually by swooping minerals Hiddenite is used to heal great emotional trauma, to aid the healing of mental health and to cushion the delivery of shock news. It is making a name for itself for use with addictions and healing those recovering from abuse.

Natural Hiddenite is raw and fractured. It forms in rough crystalline structures with a translucent hint of colour. In this form it has a delicate kind of beauty and teaches one to love thyself first with all ones idiosyncrasies, crazy ideas and eccentricity. To value uniqueness and individuality as a prized possession and a gift.

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