Empowerite has come to our attention and recently become available from New Zealand as a new on the scene mineral that is considered rare. Being new to us we have little information on its potential healing qualities. So we will give the information we have and update it as we hear back from healers and our customers.

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We do know that is is very collectible and sought after and there is not much about at the moment. Found under masses of deep organic vegetation in the forests of New Zealand Empowerite is a variety of Chert.

Cryptoctystalline or polycrystalline Quartz will normally form as nodules in Limestone and this is generally how Chert forms. Some say that Empowerite is simply Flint with a fancy name however although flint is a variety of Chert, flint is a material that forms in chalk or marlstone.

Empowerite doesn’t feel anything like flint and the pieces coming on the market don’t even look like flint. They do feel interesting though. There is a subtle buzz one feels when holding a piece. It pulls the energy field closer and has a grounding affect on the emotional bodies. It brings the astral body into the physical so could be very good for times when you need to concentrate. It almost feels like you have just had a cup of coffee.

Holding Empowerite does also make one feel brave. More energetic and stimulated to take action. This may be a good mineral to use with children diagnosed with hyperactivity or ADHD. Another use may be for times when you have ‘just one of those days’ you know the ones where you keep dropping things or walking into things. When your mind isn’t on the job so to speck. It will help to bring the mind back into the body. This is going to be an interesting mineral to trial and watch.

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