The beautiful energy of Danburite is much sort after by those wishing to attain enlightenment. The crystal aids spiritual understanding by opening the crown chakra and accessing the higher energy centres above the crown.

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The heart chakra needs to be in alignment with the solar plexus in order for the crown chakra to open naturally. It’s the heart felt vibration of love in alignment  with the higher chakras (intellect and reason) that triggers the opening of the crown chakra. The soul energy fed by this higher vibrational love reaches out to join the higher spirit body with the physical, emotional and auric bodies.  This can only be done in right relationship to the self and leads to the path of enlightenment. The crown chakra opens in relationship to the connection being strengthened.

Danburite has a unique vibration that is felt in the heart chakra like a fluttering. Some call it a quickening, but not of the heart beat but of a purity in the vibrational pulse it emits. This vibrational pulse is picked up in the angelic realms.

‘So’ I hear you ask, ‘what do I do with the Danburite once I’ve got it?’

Find a quite place to relax where you will not be disturbed. Hold your piece of Danburite in your hand and gently blow onto it with your warm breath. Squeeze the crystal gently and try to empty your mind. Next, place your piece of Danburite above your heart and using a piece of ‘micropor’ surgical tape simply adhere it to your skin. This way there is contact between your skin and the crystal. Settle yourself into a comfortable position and place your hands in your lap or beside you with palms facing upwards.

Calm your breathing and imagine that as you breathe the oxygen being pumped around your body in your bloodstream is being filtered through the Danburite. Imagine the crystal cleaning your life blood. As you continue to breathe you will feel more and more light headed. Soon you will begin to feel that you are floating. The energy of Danburite helps one to slip into an alternate state that allows exploration of the higher chakras above the crown.

It is helpful to sleep with the Danburite attached to the skin if you wish to have prophetic dreams or explore the hidden realms.

Danbrite has long been recognised as a crystal to aid angelic communication. It is loved by everyone and not surprisingly teaches self love and love and respect of others. It helps one find the inner peace required to be happy. It comes in a variety of colours from clear with a yellow tinge through to pink with a yellow tinge, all very subtle. Some think that meditating with Danburite brings a Buddha state of consciousness that can lead to self realisation. It works on the base chakra and solar plexus as well as chakras outside of the body. It is very useful in eliminating toxins and ridding the body of waste matter.