Coral comes from the sea bed and is the vacated waste of sea creatures. There are a wide variety of colours that you can find this mineral in, but the red and blue are the most frequently available.  The taking of natural coral from the sea bed is now banned.

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Most coral available is farmed and so once again we can get our hands on a sustainable supply. This is a wonderful shell and, like most things from the sea, works on the emotions. This minieral,  in any colour is valuable in your medicine pouch, so grab it when you see it and stock pile it for your patients, family and friends. We all need coral at some time or the other. It activates the third eye. It brings forth intuition, visualisation and creativity. It stimulates emotional growth, patience and tissue regeneration. Blue coral energizes the throat chakra and aids communication. It has a high vibration.

Red coral works on the base chakra and has a connection to the earth, peace for humanity and harmony for all kingdoms. It vibrates at a lower frequency. It is a wonderful healer and teacher.