Calcite - Clear

Calcite is crystalline calcium carbonate largely formed from the shells of sea organisms that build over time into limestone. After even more time it is transformed again into marble. It can be found at the core of many rocks. Calcite is found worldwide and is fluorescent, sometimes even transparent or translucent.

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Its association with foreign atoms and minerals cause drastic colour variations and dilutions of character. It is often compared to the spiritual evolution of humankind as both go through many transformations along their journey. There are as many natural colours to calcite as there are chakras on the body, conveniently one to balance every energy centre.

Calcite works by your intuition. The colour you are drawn to would be the right one for you to start with. Once the body has dealt with this, you will automatically be drawn to another one. Gradually you will find, that just like the Calcite changed and evolved, so will you. This is by learning to trust in your body and your mind’s own abilities.

Calcite alleviates fear and stress. It is considered to be a balancer of the male and female energies. It helps us to gain our composure and gives us control over our emotions. It can encourage us to simply ‘be’ in order to receive inspiration and guidance. It assists in decision-making and clarifies dreams, visions and channelling.

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