Cinnabar in Quartz

Cinnabar is equivalent to the High Priestess card of the Major Arcana in a tarot deck. She is temptation. She is magical, mysterious and cunning. She is powerful and passionate. The truth about the High Priestess and Cinnabar is they are great teachers on the walk of life.

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Their message is that you can learn and practise your skill, you can plan and scheme and wish upon the brightest star but somethings are just not meant to be. Some things are simply forbidden and in order for one to have many gifts one must give up one thing that is dear to them. Cinnabar is a magical crystal. It shows one many things and teaches much about magic and spiritual paths. But, you will learn that it also shows you things you are not destined to have. It could be forbidden love, a forbidden child. It could be not for this lifetime or simply that this is not the right time. Whatever it is, one needs to heed the master teacher for it truly is for one’s own good and no matter how wilful one is, one will always come back to the same place of knowing.

Cinnabar is a tricky one. It brings focus and clarity. It has alchemical qualities, exploding apart and reforming energies within the body, refining and fine-tuning the chakras and kundalini energy. It brings connection to the higher self and mastery of the elements. Many, when meditating with the mineral, see an apple. The apple, remember, changed everything. So if one were to meditate with Cinnabar and see an apple, be prepared for great change!

Cinnabar is a marvellous colour of plums and pinks. Much comes from the San Jose Mine, El Hembrar, Chovar, Valencian Community in Spain.

In its rough state it is wise not to handle it as pieces may contain mercury and healers advise not to take the risk. Also, not to be put into water for consumption.

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