Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside is a calcium magnesium silicate occurring in metamorphosed, impure, limestone rocks. Due to the presence of iron, colours vary. Chrome Diopside, as the name suggests, gets is rare and beautiful colouring from chromium.

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Found mainly in Siberia and Russia, and mined for only a very few short weeks of the year, Diopside is truly a magnificent find and so valuable it is hard to find it in pieces for healing. It is generally cut and set in fine jewellery, so which ever way you get your hands on this incredible crystal, hang on to it. Not only a balancer, it charges energy from top to tail of the skeletal structure aligning all the chakras as it does so.

Chrome Diopside has ‘intelligence’ and awakens the kundalini in the appropriate order of activation.  It works on the energy of the Divine feminine balancing the yin yang in both male and female. It works on the reproductive organs, the heart chakra and lymphatic system. It is a good emotional healer, great with distance healing and healing development.