Quartz- Cherry

Cherry quartz is coloured by the iron oxide that grows with/on the quartz during formation. Natural samples have come in from Australia that have a strong positive nature. Many of the points are used in wand-making and carry a Merlin type of energy. In fact, the quartz points resonate with the Major Arcana card of the Magician. This crystal is all about skill and having confidence in one’s own ability. The energy is one of focus and determination. Cherry Quartz promotes proactivity. Most cherry quartz available at present is quartz heated to a fluid state, with the fine powdered iron oxide taken from the outside of the quartz sprinkled back into the mix giving the quartz a cherry colour.

Healers working with this crystal believe that it has uplifting qualities, assisting with depression and feelings of inadequacy. It brings hope, love and emotional balance. It is used for anxiety relief.