Another new one for us to explore with you is Cassiterite. This mineral is sometimes referred to in the trade as tinstone as it is it that has developed in Quartz. It gets its colouring from the staining of hematite so can be more or less yellow to orange tinged.

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Cassiterite works particularly well on the emotional body. This is what is being said about this mineral. For those who feel that they don’t belong somewhere, ie in a place, in a family or country and even in their body it can help them to fully engage in and with the place, unit or themselves. This feeling can happen when one is born by IVF for example where healers have encountered adults conceived by IVF who have felt their whole lives like they are not who or where they are meant to be. Cassiterite used intelligently can aid the comprehension of and acceptance of coming to terms with these feelings and help to firmly root the physical body to the earth plane. This develops a health connection to the spiritual body in knowing that everything experienced is as it should be. The lesson is in the acceptance and letting go of the self-will and maybe that is exactly what needed to happen in order to learn the lesson. Everything happens for a reason and your spirit will create the lessons required to advance toward enlightenment.

Used also for the feelings of rejection, perhaps by a birth mother or lover for example. Sometimes the lesson here is to turn the feelings around and accept that these things have a habit of happening for the best. There are usually many involved in what appears to be ‘your’ lesson and so others have agreed to experience their lessons whilst you are experiencing yours. Cassiterite helps one to deal with many emotional states of being and find some kind of peace.

The very best results using Cassiterite will be achieved when it is used Shamanically within the dream state or when dream walking. Meditating with Cassiterite can help achieve a deep theta state of consciousness. This state of deep relaxation when the brain waves slow to around a frequently of 4-7 cycles per second can take experienced meditators hours to achieve. Meditating with Cassiterite can aid access to this supreme state of peace and calm

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