Brucite is another new and rare mineral. It can come in the colour range red, yellow, green, blue,grey and white depending on the impurities in it. It is a magnesium hydroxide mineral that can be found in many parts of the world.

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The canary yellow type is considered most rare as it comes from one location in Killarney, Saifullah District, Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Yellow Brucite doesn’t feel like other minerals, it feels unique. It has its own identity. Used on the solar plexus chakra to balance the energies there Brucite pushes the energy up to the heart to activate heart felt relationships to all things. Everything in right relationship to the self. A wonderful tool for those needing confidence or struggling with a sense of self worth. Balancing these two chakras, the solar plexus and the heart means the mind is clear to be decisive and chose directions that further one along their path of development.

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