The mineral Bloodstone is a member of the Jasper family and is associated with many gifts. It is believed to have mystical attributes that can aid the ability to control the elements, spirit energies, dispel evil and banish negativity.

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Bloodstone improves our sense of creativity, decision-making and intuition. It is an excellent grounding tool and, placed in a dish of water next to the bed, will assure a peaceful night’s sleep. During distressful nights, many will gather the tumbled Bloodstones and clutch them to take away anxiety attacks and fears. Remember to flush the water away in the morning and replace it with fresh, cold water ready for another peaceful night.

Bloodstone is used by healers in the treatment of leukaemia, for purifying the blood and in the clearing of toxins. It aids the functions of the liver, intestines and bladder, and relates to the sacral and heart chakras. Interestingly, many people feel compelled to suck tumbled Bloodstone! A number of tumbled Bloodstones are often carried in a pocket to tumble through the fingers.