Bismuth is a remarkable family of minerals. They come in a number of forms and share, broadly, the same properties. It is widely believed to relive the feelings of isolation that we inevitably feel in the pursuit of our spiritual path. It prepares us for the acceptance and realisation that no one is going to do it for us and there is no greater mentor than ‘source’. We must each walk our own path and find our own way. There are as many paths as there are people and sometimes along the way we stumble across a soul mate with whom experiences have been shared in another time. The feelings are not so much a sudden realisation as a ‘knowing’ but we undobtedly recognise them – and, for a while, we walk a ‘paralell path’. Our yearning for understanding and companionship allows our emotions to run away with us and our spiritual path stops. The danger arises when one of us gives too much power to the other and we stop taking responsibility for our own path.

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This is when a positive changes to a negative. Bismuth teaches us not to fall asleep along our path. We learn how to identify the situation and take power back without disrupting the relationship.


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