Aqualite Quartz 6084

Quartz - Aqualite

Aqualite Quartz is not one that has been seen around very much and we can’t always get hold of it. It is a blue/green coloured mineral in quartz and has earned its right to be acknowledged as a crystal for joy because crystal healers have found that it has one particular quality; It gentle erases apathy.

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Apathy in its most destructive state suppresses the emotions. Some healers struggle with this as there is usually a trigger that has set this in motion and you need to be a very good detective to find the root cause. Many things trigger apathy and left unchecked it can eat away at ones self esteem.

Aqualite helps one to look at irritability, anger, frustration and general lack of interest in things that would normally stimulate the happy vibe. By drawing your attention to it, it brings one into the present and enables a detached analytical approach to the situation. This crystal has a beautiful way of ‘saving’ you and holding you up when you need it the most.

Aqualite is the Crystal that brings back the joy.

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