Alexandrite is a very valuable and rare form of Chrysoberyl. This gem changes colour with the light and can appear green by sunlight and red to violet by candlelight.  It is also pleochroic, meaning that different colours can be seen when viewed from different angles.

Not the easiest of gems to get hold of for its healing properties, due to the rarity and price. Rough pieces when found will be small, but well worth the effort. Regarded as a legendary magical stone, it is believed to bring the owner the gift of clairvoyance, control of astral travel and good fortune. A master healer, Alexandrite is believed to work on regeneration at a cellular level. Cancerous cells, leukaemia, the lymphatic system and the central nervous system (amongst many others) all seem to benefit from its energy. It seems to work by keeping the gemstone on one’s person constantly. The regenerative qualities of the gem first work on the third eye and the crown chakra. Once clarity is beginning to be restored it then allows one to access a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of self in the physical realm. This is an important step as from here awareness is multiplied in the field of manifestation, or the law of attraction.

Think of it as being given a cheats’ document like the ones downloaded for video games, or instructions on how to change a default setting. Once understood these instructions are able to change the negatives at a cellular level into positives. You could actually take control of your dis-ease and change the outcome. There will need to be work done on the self and higher self to achieve this and an understanding of one’s position in and connection to the matrix.

One will need to be able to hold their piece of Alexandrite and believe without a shadow of a doubt, that they are healed, and aware enough to stop doing the things that made them unwell in the first place. Prioritise, make changes, and breathe.

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