Varisite 12-17 grams


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Varisite 12-17 grams

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Varisite

Varisite is the crystal to go too when mentally you really want to clean up your act.  When you want to be somebody else, release your alto ego or at least feel like the real you. Varisite is tough love. Is kind but strong. Is what you need but not always what you want.

Hold a piece of Varisite between your fingers and drag it through your aura about six inches or 16 cms away from your body. Sweep wide strokes starting down from your head towards your heart and down from your heart towards the ground. This motion will bathe, rinse and clear your auric energy releasing all negativity down into the earth. You will be surprised how something so simply can change how you are are feeling so quickly and successfully.


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