Ruby In Zoisite and Pearl Pendant 8.8 grams


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Ruby In Zoisite and Pearl Pendant 8.8 grams

Hand set in sterling silver.

Measures approximately 47mm x 17mm, including bale.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Ruby in Zoisite

This is also known as Anyolite. This mineral stimulates the heart chakra and helps disorders relating to the flow of blood through the ventricles. It transmutes the energy of ‘self’ into the energy of ‘group’. It is the bringer of spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. Known as a magical crystal, some believe it can be used to facilitate access to the teachings of Merlin himself. It can create altered states of consciousness, utilising and amplifying the abilities of the mind. It promotes dreaming and stimulates the connection with, and transfer of information from, our spiritual guides. In addition, it allows the amplification of one’s entire energy field. Often used in regression work and past-life recall, Ruby in Zoisite allows us to ‘slip behind the veil’ and retrieve information from soul memory. Hold some when you’re meditating or during circle work to connect to this elusive energy flow that is usually just beyond reach. It is believed that if you carry a piece of Ruby in Zoisite in your purse you will never want for money.

Sapphire is also known as the ‘wisdom’ stone. It assists healing in all parts of the body. It especially stimulates the throat chakra and helps higher-self communication. It is widely believed that Blue Sapphire activates our primordial memory of ancient knowledge from the records related to the development of all civilisation, as well as the intuitive, psychic and astral selves. Blue Sapphire is said to have been implanted upon the Earth by kind and generous ancient ‘Earth keepers’ in order to assist our understanding and compassion by the energy transfers necessary for Earth healing. It aligns the chakras and releases energy blockages which restrain us from our spiritual path. It can transmute negative energies and is widely used in shamanic ceremonies for this purpose. When using it in configuration healings, hold the Sapphire over the patient, who should be lying down on the floor or couch. Make a full circle over the chakras. Start at the sacral chakra and circle upwards to the throat chakra and back down to the sacral. Do this a number of times whilst channelling peacefully. This will bring up physical creation and transmute it into artistic creativity. It can be a powerful healing for those struggling to express themselves in a materialistic world where huge competition can play havoc on anyone who is remotely sensitive.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Pearls

Unlike other crystals and minerals that are formed in the earth a beautiful natural pearl is formed in an oyster mollusk. These mollusks are dived for in the turquoise salt waters of places like the Caribbean, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti. Fresh water pearls are found in muscles and usually farmed mostly in China.  There is a lot of superstition around pearls and the value is usually high. Some even refer to them as the tears of  angels.

Pearls are organic. The most prized are the perfect ones in size and colour fetching a fortune and worn by Royalty and celebrities.  However most pearls due to the way they develop building up in layers of concentric circles around perhaps a grain of sand, have very natural and expected irregularities.

From the healing perspective it is these very irregularities that are required for them to be great healing tools.

The healing qualities of pearls are that they are great in calming and balancing the emotions. They cool temper and smooth the nerves. They are great teachers of self awareness and placing boundaries. They teach us that we are all perfect in our own way. And, they teach us that we get better, more beautiful and stronger with age.

After all there is more value to a large white pearl that has grown smooth and shiny with time and tide.


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