Ruby In Fuchsite, Peridot & Pearl Pendant


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Ruby In Fuchsite, Peridot & Pearl Pendant

Hand set in sterling silver.

Measures approximately 46mm x 15mm, including bale.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Ruby In Fuchsite

Ruby in Fuchsite, as a healing crystal, contains the energy of both the Ruby and the Fuchsite. Fuchsite, when used in channelling, can bring us information concerning natural and herbal holistic remedies. It has the unusual property of ‘shifting’ energy to points where it appears lowest.  It can remove the excess energy from blockages and transfer it, as positive energy, to where it is needed most. It is very successful in helping with spinal alignment, muscular flexibility and balancing blood cells. Fuchsite is a good mineral to use with other crystals.  When Fuchsite is used in conjunction with Ruby, it stimulates mental activity by activating the upper chakras. It brings in logic, reason and intuition. Ruby in Fuchsite helps one speck their truth. Ruby in Fuchsite can speed up the transit of toxins through the body. Yes this can make you feel a little sick before you feel better, but at least it is moving the energy around, so be prepared. Ruby in Fuchsite protects one from psychic attack and stops one’s energy being contaminated.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Peridot

Known as the ‘release’ stone, Peridot helps us to allow ourselves to let go of unnecessary burdens or baggage. It teaches us that the guilt that has been making us hold on to something or someone is simply an illusion of our own making. It is believed to be an excellent antitoxin gemstone. It cleans most organs and glands and is a good overall tonic for the body and mind. It reduces stress, accelerates personal growth, stimulates the mind and opens new levels of awareness and opportunity, whilst banishing lethargy and laziness. It lessens the feelings of anger and jealousy and is often used to treat major organs like the heart and lungs. It has been used to aid sufferers of Crohn’s disease. Peridot works at its best on those who have gone through a total cleansing and have learnt to move on. It brings clarity – allowing renewal to take place. The North Star is said to pull the energies of Peridot and, like the Star, one can use the stone to navigate one’s path.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Pearls

Unlike other crystals and minerals that are formed in the earth a beautiful natural pearl is formed in an oyster mollusk. These mollusks are dived for in the turquoise salt waters of places like the Caribbean, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti. Fresh water pearls are found in muscles and usually farmed mostly in China.  There is a lot of superstition around pearls and the value is usually high. Some even refer to them as the tears of  angels.

Pearls are organic. The most prized are the perfect ones in size and colour fetching a fortune and worn by Royalty and celebrities.  However most pearls due to the way they develop building up in layers of concentric circles around perhaps a grain of sand, have very natural and expected irregularities.

From the healing perspective it is these very irregularities that are required for them to be great healing tools.

The healing qualities of pearls are that they are great in calming and balancing the emotions. They cool temper and smooth the nerves. They are great teachers of self awareness and placing boundaries. They teach us that we are all perfect in our own way. And, they teach us that we get better, more beautiful and stronger with age.

After all there is more value to a large white pearl that has grown smooth and shiny with time and tide.


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