Native American Turquoise Dancing Fetish Bear


Native American Turquoise Dancing Fetish Bear

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Turquoise Dancing Fetish Bear Zuni Fetish by Zuni carver Claudia Peina. Forms part of our stunning Native American collection. Each piece is hand crafted on the reservations.

Claudia Peina is a well known carver whose works include many beautiful, traditional designs – single and double frog, cats, rabbits, turtles, owls and bears. Her unique rendition of a collection of Good News Singing Bears are very collectable and sought after. Each exhibit her zest for life, freedom and happiness. These happy carefree bears are carved from elk antler. They can be found in many dancing poses expressing a real fun attitude to life. They are each blessed in the making to bring joy to the person who eventually receives them which can be felt when held.


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