Labradorite Pendulum


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Labradorite Pendulum on silver plated chain.

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Labradorite

This type of Feldspar, which I came across some years ago, can look like a lump of Black Granite with sparkly blue pieces in its natural state. But, when polished, can be one of the most beautiful and mystical stones I have ever found. Healers know the value of this mineral immediately. Some believe Labradorite to be descended from the stars and the pictures seen on polished surfaces are the universes it has travelled. It is said to bring the wearer a wealth of wisdom and understanding. It is used to heal ‘too much head energy’ and ground the activity of an overactive mind. It also aids menstrual tension and balances the hormones. It is customarily worn as a piece of jewellery around the neck and, for meditations, held in the leading hand. The very best pieces for this are ones without too much casing on them allowing the stone to have contact with the skin. Labradorite is a great emotional healer used by many for comfort after bereavement or loss. I have also found that those who suffer from emphysema benefit tremendously from wearing it.

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