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K2 Stone 13-14 grams approximately

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The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of K2 Stone

The K2 stone is a relatively new find from the foothills of ‘Mount K2’ in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan. Many believe that hidden deep within this stone lays information from the people of Lemuria.  Information of the memory of the spirit body before incarnation and the purity of spirit. This information is believed would come to light when humanity is ready to take a giant spiritual leap bringing down their spiritual body into the physical. This will aid the transition of bringing heaven to earth and harmonising ones physical body to one of a much higher frequentcy. The planet earth will require these light beings to hold the energy as the Earth Mother too transforms.

K2  mountain is the second highest in the world and healers are very excited about the claims of this rare new stone. The stone has Dalmatian like spots over it that are azure blue in colour. The vibration is cooling, calming and can definitely be felt behind the eyes and forehead.  Working with this stone, I believe, will help one to analyse their thoughts and separate intelligent thoughts from fight or flight responses or actions.  There is a head over heart strong impulse that can be picked up simply by holding the stone and closing your eyes. It will help one gain control over the emotions and work its way through all the layers of the etheric body. This could be a stone that was meant to be found now and used to bring inner and outer peace, starting with a few and gradually working its way around the globe.

There is an ancient ancestral quality to this stone and those using it have found that on many occasions after a healing has taken place gradually the coloured blue spots turn brown. Some of our closest friends and healers have felt that this was a sign to return the stone into the ground as the healing was complete and the stone should be returned to the Earth with gratitude.


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