Grossularite Chrome Garnet


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Grossularite Chrome Garnet

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Grossularite Chrome Garnet

Grossularite Chrome Garnet has all the qualities of Garnet plus it has a powerful vibrational pull towards Mother Earth making one ‘feel’ grounded and that they belong ‘somewhere’.

This much sought after crystal connects one to their very being. It’s energy makes one feel at ‘home’ wherever they are physically, spiritually or emotionally.

This Garnet brings peace, calm and tranquility to any situation.

Held in the hand whilst meditating or sleeping, it soothes the mind and frees the soul to travel. Journeying with this crystal helps one find answers and comfort in even the most difficult of situations.

This beautiful crystal opens up the heart chakra gently allowing one to feel the healing and light enter even into the darkest chambers where all ones demons or fears may hide. Gradually as one gains confidence the heart is flushed with new joys and happiness.



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