Brookite In Quartz Point 119 grams


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Brookite In Quartz Point 119 grams

Approximately 61mm tall

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Brookite in Quartz

Brookite is a very high vibrational crystal that is believed to activate the upper chakras and facilitate work within them.

It is a wonderful aide if you are looking to develop your spiritual gifts and is said to support the ascension process by increasing ones own vibration and allowing us to see our status as light beings.

If you are looking to connect to the spiritual realms, Brookite will help to expand ones awareness and communication abilities. Use to connect to guides, angels or loved ones.

Whilst this is definitely a stone of the higher dimensions, it will also help to aid one in their acceptance of their own physicality.

The properties of Brookite will be naturally amplified within clear quartz and Brookite in Quartz will also hold the properties that Clear Quartz has to offer.


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