Blue Moonstone Heart 67g


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Blue Moonstone Heart 67 grams approximately

Measures approximately 53mm by 50mm

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstone is a member of the feldspar group. It is predominantly white and a good specimen has a beautiful blue chatoyancy emanating from under the surface. This is the rough tumbled moonstone, the higher gem grade is known as rainbow moonstone.

Blue moonstone has all the qualities of moonstone with the energy of following ones destiny no matter what. It is capable of pushing one towards ‘new beginnings’ and starting over, especially useful when it is the last thing that one wants to do. It is in tune with the moon and works on balancing the emotional body first before expanding onto the rainbow chakras of the body. It can build bridges allowing the user to tap into the collective consciousness and move into a greater connection with all beings on all paths.



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