Amber and Turquoise Kingfisher Pendant


Kingfisher Pendant

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Amber and Turquoise Kingfisher Pendant

Kingfisher Bird Pendant, featuring Natural Milky and Cognac Amber with Turquoise encased in 925 sterling silver. We think you’ll find it hard not fall in love with its vibrant colour and timeless detailing.

Handcrafted in 925 silver and adorned with vibrant Turquoise stones and a genuine Baltic Amber gemstone, it is as captivating as its namesake. Complete with a solid silver chain, this necklace is a perfect way to add a touch of nature to any outfit.

Kingfishers are very elusive creatures and it is a precious moment to spot one in the wild. You can typical see them on riverbanks and near water hunting. They are most definitely one of the worlds most popular birds.

Comes complete with a 16″ sterling silver chain.

Measures approximately 38mm x 15mm.


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