Empowering You

Empowering You Week

6th May 2019 – 12th May 2019

Life is full of ups and downs, that’s for certain. The only thing we really have power over is how we choose to view the stuff that we’re presented with.

Our crystals this week are all about empowering you, regardless to what life may throw your way.

This Weeks Blog

Click here to read this weeks blog, all about getting your big girl pants on and becoming empowered! 

Crystals This Week

Faden – For anyone who has felt broken. Teaches that in healing, you grow stronger. 

Amphibole Quartz – Known as ‘The Happy Crystal’. Teaches one to let go and just be. 

Super Seven – Ignites your inner power and intensifies psychic activity. 

Moldavite – Accelerates spiritual growth. Clears and opens chakra blockages. 

Tiffany Stone – Facilitates new revelations and changes thinking patterns.

Quotes For This Week

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