Being Bulletproof

Being Bulletproof Week

13th May 2019 – 19th May 2019

As we grow we realise that we are not our feelings. Feelings are our thoughts running wild.

Thoughts running wild equal emotional mess. When we realise that there is a separation between feelings and our thoughts then we can gain tentative control over our emotions. Power lies in knowing when to have control and when to allow feelings to run free.

Your crystal collection this week is a collective of powerful aids to help one become bulletproof by mastering your thoughts, and ultimately your feelings!

This Weeks Blog

Click here to read all about how you can become bulletproof in this weeks blog! 

Crystals This Week

Hematite – Pulls in the aura and stabilises our thoughts

Pyrite – Inspires courage & confidence. Protects the aura. 

Tourmaline – Dispels negative thought patterns. Can help with mental illness. 

Citrine – Takes negativity and ground it. 

Ancestralite – Aids in strengthening the aura. 

Quotes For This Week

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