Quartz - Strawberry

Strawberry Quartz is full of legends and rememberings of time gone by. It is believed to remember and, help those attuned to it remember, the evolution of humankind. For those who study these fields, this sweet crystal can help unlock the mysteries of humankind. We are all made of stardust but are we capable of remembering how we got here? Strawberry Quartz has been known to show sensitive, intuitive people information that has helped them understand the questions that have baffled humankind since the dawn of civilisation.

strawberry quartz

Strawberry Quartz has a restful energy and one that slightly seems to sedate. It is a lovely stone for giving one permission to have a lazy day and simply chill. If you are drawn to Strawberry Quartz you no doubt need some time out and time to rest and reflect. It is used for meditation, recuperation, flowdreaming and in developmental groups.

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