Quartz - Smoky Elestial

Smoky Quartz Elestial crystals have natural terminations on the face and body of a layered crystal. They compact in layers of these natural terminations and due to this formation, healers and shaman have found that they in fact act like a huge computer. They have memory and multiple libraries that link between many dimensions. They have locked-in codes that can access the angelic realms with many pathways to and from.

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With practice and patience, once the right Smoky Elestial Quartz crystal has been found, there will be an attunement that takes place. No action needs to be taken to start this process, it happens naturally as one gets to know their crystal. This can happen quickly, perhaps shortly after acquiring the crystal, or more gradually, depending on when you are ready. Healing the hidden away blockages within the chakras or the aura and strengthening the emotional body will follow, with much work also done on past life or the early years. Sometimes one will feel nothing as this is happening and other times it will feel like a gigantic punch to the aura. For some, they feel both, first nothing, then a punch to the aura, then nothing and just as they get comfortable thinking it’s all over, another aura punch. It will depend on the individual, how sensitive they are to start with and how much healing is to be done. This healing can be exhausting, as with every blockage that is removed there may be an adjustment that needs to take place like a kind of rebalancing. Also, as work progresses, one finds they are moving deeper and deeper into the crystal. Like a maze, one needs to find one’s way around the inner crystal and the lighter the aura becomes, the deeper into the crystal one can access.

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